Sex Therapy


From experience in this part of the world, 98% of couples issues are sex related. Intimate Solution offers the most professional help you can get from any part of the world and we help you bring back the spark in your bedroom effortlessly. Your session can be done at the confort of your room/office through telephone or one on one in our cozy and private office.

A sexually frustrated man/woman can never make a happy marriage. It is time to quit the pretense and stop dying in silence, multiple orgasms is possible, steamy sex life is achievable and you can make your partner keep begging for more.

Be sure you can be free to share all your concerns and worry without fear of discrimination or condemnations. Sex therapy is for you if you are suffering from any of these:

  • Frigidity
  • Virginismus
  • Premature ejaculation
  • Delayed ejaculation
  • Erectile dysfunction
  • Boring sex life
  • Poor kissing skills
  • Orgasm problem
  • Loss of Interest in Sex



Bachelorrete Gig


Your bridal shower is not complete without a sex therapist. Sex is a very important part of marriage that could make or mar your relationship. Be sure you are equipped with the right skills that is needed to keep your man before getting married. Your Bridal Party is not complete without the presence of our Brilliant, Blunt and no Hold Barred Sex Therapist. Make your Hen night a memorable one and Break the conspiracy of silence. Ask all your troubling sexual questions on your last night as a single lady. Sincerely, your friends will be happy for this!