Possible reasons why you are still single against your wish

Possible reasons why you are still single against your wish:- Tongues has started wailing, people are already looking at you whenever you are passing, your parents are on your case and it look as if singleness is now sickness. You don’t seems to be happy anymore and it’s as if every other good thing in your life does not count, all you need to be fulfilled is settle down and get a man. You look at yourself  in the mirror and spot a small fine line under your eyes, “now I’m having wrinkles” you said to yourself, it’s as if your world has stopped moving all because you want to change your status from single to married, no thanks to the society we live in. You don’t even care at this point, any man will do for you, you just want to be address with the prefix MRS and that’s all that matters. As a professional counselor and matchmaker, I understand your feelings, and I can imagine what you are going through, but experience has thought me that most time, you are the reason why you are still single, maybe, just maybe there are things you are not doing right, check out these few points, I think it might help you find your feet.

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