How to make him propose

How to make him propose:- In my years of practice as a marriage counselor, I have come to realized that one of the major questions in the head of every single lady is the question “will he marry me?”the number of e-mails and text messages I get on this topic is alarming, and the most surprising ones are the ones coming from teenagers, mostly between fifteen and eighteen, they are always worried about the level of commitment of the men they are with, i get a lot of messages like this from them, Dr. Tolu, please how do I know if my boyfriend loves me? That is one kind of text message that is readily constant on my phone. It is not in my place to crucify these teenagers, at least most of us can identify with such feelings at that age, what they need is proper counseling and guidance. But that is an article for another day; this particular one is about those whom I considered adult, already in a relationship and ready to settle down but are confused about whether the men are in the same pace with them. There’s something in every woman that makes her crave for love, it is not weakness but should rather be seeing as part of the feminine beautiful nature, this explain my first paragraphs about teenager’s first reaction to love, there’s the fantasy about being the wife of this charming boy, even when they are still in high school.

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