Consequences of cheating

Consequences of cheating:- Two people get into a marriage with high hopes that their vows will be kept forever. Although aware that life is imperfect, everyone who marries dreams of a happily-ever-after story whether they admit it or not. Infidelity is a growing trend these days, but a person who loves their partner always believes fervently that his relationship is an exception to those that fell apart. They know they will not end up like the others. This intense love for another is the reason why to catch a spouse cheating is like seeing the world crumble right before your eyes. There are many books written on how to catch cheating, but the reality is, many people just get shocked upon waking up being victims already. They do not see it coming. This may be either because their partners are brilliant liars or they were simply looking somewhere else. As a result, the damage that has been inflicted is already far beyond repair. Here are some irreparable effects of extra-marital affairs:

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