This is just pitiful and sad.

The things that individuals endure in order to keep the society happy is beyond our imagination. I sincerely believe that if things go this way, the institution of marriage will be totally destroyed. Mercy Aigbe states categorically that she stayed in an abusive relationship because SHE WANTS TO STAY MARRIED.

What then do we say to a society that makes you and yet destroys you?

Why would you stay faithful to people who do not even think about you beyond the comments they post online?

When would celebrities learn that you do not live your life for us?

Ladies and gentlemen, the society feeds on information, information which will always be available because you provide it. Dear celebrities, please, do not live your life for us, live it for yourself!!


I am trying so hard to work up some sympathy for this case, but really, enough of celebrities enduring trash for OUR SAKE.


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