Counseling/Sex Therapy Appointments

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Two are better than one and life should be beautiful when we are in love, but one begin to wonder what went wrong when what seems so beautiful suddenly becomes sour.It is it is not out of place to have arguments and issues in relationship and marriage, because

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Institute Of Counseling Nigeria ICN

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 Institute of counseling Nigeria was founded in 2010 as a Christian based, not for profit independent educational charity. The passion to help people achieve their dreams of becoming a professional counselor birthed this vision; the aim is to feel the vacuum of lack

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Intimate Talk With Tolu TV & Radio Show

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Counseling is a big business in the developed world, but people only turn to their spiritual leaders for their private issues in this part of the world. Spiritual mentorship is important but most people are not ready to open up because of pretense and hypocrisy

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Our Dating Site

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Intimate Match, a one of its kind  matchmaking service designed for those willing to find and be found. We are setting the pace by creating  a result oriented site, carefully designed with Integrity and total dedication strictly for those looking for serious relationship that could lead to marriage, all over the world.

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Subscribe to 'IS' Magazine

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Intimate solution magazine simply known as IS was founded by Dr. Tolu Oko-Igaire and Intimate Solution Network, it is a quarterly magazine focused on relationship, sex and marriage. Intimate Solution Magazine provides information and inspiration on how

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Send Us a Love Errand

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People send parcels and delivers gifts items now and then, but intimate errands is not just about delivery or parcel services, its about the unexpected wow experience, the positive effects that lingers, its about the emotional impact that binds.

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Hire Our Ushers & Arm Candies

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Intimate ushering services formerly known as Kento ushers was established in 2008. We are the number one professional ushering services provider in Nigeria and our past success speaks for us. The amount

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Intimate Solution Foundation

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We have three different foundations that cater for individuals in different capacities. One is our foundation to help girls and women going through domestic violence, another is our foundation for the deaf and finally the women prayer fellowship.

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The Association For Counseling, Matchmaking And Psychotherapy Of Nigeria

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The Association for Counseling, Matchmaking and Psychotherapy in Nigeria is…a vibrant professional association, with divisions and  special interest groups, advocating for professional counselors, matchmakers and psychotherapists as well as their clients in Nigeria

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Intimate Imaging & Style Consultancy

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Your inability to attract the right partner could be as a result of misrepresentation through your looks.  Here we give you a drastic style upgrade that will change the way you feel about yourself inside out and impact your relationship an marriage positively.

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Intimate Museum of Broken Relationships

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Without proper leaving, there can never be proper cleaving. The museum of broken relationships is an emotional center where other people's stories inspires closures. If you are finding it difficult to let go, start afresh or rebuild your life, a visit to the museum will change your life for good.

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Intimate Spa & Wellness Center

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Manicure, pedicure, massage, gym, dance studio and weight management. Intimate spa and wellness center is your home of perfect wholeness.

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Upcoming Events

flyer 2-1 copyDo you know you can join Intimate Solution Prayer Fellowship? This is the spiritual arm of Intimate solution, we understand…

Our Testimonial

Oyani Gakoru

honey pot

“Thank you very much Dr Tolu for  Honey Pot, it has blessed me immensely.”