As unedifying as it sounds, i have to say this so we can understand the magnitude of the problem facing religious leader’s marriages… I have counseled G.O who is addicted to masturbation because mama didn’t show interest for 30 months, yes, you heard me, 30 months. I’ve been able to speak in churches where minister’s wife threatened to work out of her marriage as a result of poor sex life, and another cheating with her ex who knows how to make her orgasm. As much as sex between couples shouldn’t be orgasm based and no reason is good enough to justify cheating, a woman who keep craving for orgasm to no avail will become a nagging and unloving wife.

Anointing doesn’t mean romance should be zero in your marriage, and being a minister doesn’t mean orgasm should become a thing of the past for your wife. Solve your boring sex life issue and you will be shocked that most of the issues you are battling with in your marriage will automatically disappear.

Understanding your wife as a minister will help you solve a lot of problem in your marriage, most ministers are ignorant of the way women are wired and this has resulted into a lot of troubles that is currently drifting their marriage apart. understanding her will help you to celebrate and appreciate your differences instead of fighting over it, in fact understanding these basic facts about your woman means more sex in the long run.

How do you explain a man who doesn’t understand what turns his wife on, where do you start teaching a man who believe orgasm is a sin for a woman, what about the one who concentrates only on the breast, mishandling it like balloon and expect the wife to get wet instantly, or the one who fingers roughly with dirty and peppery hand.
Romance doesn’t come naturally to men but physical intimacy absolutely does. Men needs just a place to sleep with a woman but woman needs reasons, this is why there’s conflict of interest between couples when it comes to romance and love making. A lot of ministers are getting it wrong here, most of you lost the romantic aspect of your life the moment you became born again and its not suppose to be so. it is the duty of every man to meet the romantic needs of the wife, its your job to make her scream, make her beg for more, it wont affect your anointing as God no longer see you as two but one. Check out these basic sexual facts that men need to know about the women folks, it will guide you:

  1. She will not desire sex just like you: because men and women are wired differently, she will not desire sex like you. This should not cause any problem that could result into bigger problem, but rather you should try and understand how to put her in the mood.
  2. Testosterone, the hormone responsible for sex drive is about 20-40% higher in men, this explains why most time men naturally desires sex more than women, don’t blame it on the women blame it on the hormone.
  3. Women are moved by what they hear and men what they see. she can be wowed by a sexy guy with six pack, but that will not make her get wet on a normal day, this is not the case with men, exposure to bare flesh can cause a lot of troubles. So when next you are in your short and she’s not drooling, don’t be surprised.
  4. Women needs reasons to have sex, men need just a place. She’s not like you , and you have been wondering why she can just open her arms widely whenever you beckon in the night even when you have not spoken to her all evening. It doesn’t work that way, you need to appeal to her emotions before she can do it, she want to feel connected to you emotionally, sex to women is a serious business and not just a physical exercise.
  5. The slower the better for a woman, except in rare cases when she wants it fast, even in such cases, you have to start gently to get her in the mood in most cases. (TAKEN FROM DR. TOLU’S BOOK: ROMANCE & ANOINTING. TO GET A COPY, TEXT YOUR NAME, LOCATION AND THE TITTLE TO +2348184575377)

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