As simple as it sounds, kissing can make or mar your marriage. Most of the big issues couples are struggling with in their marriages started with just a little act of ignorance. When a professional kisser or someone who is good in the act of kissing get married to someone who is an amateur or clueless in the act, you should expect a marriage full of nagging and turbulence, how manage, you said? Let me explain this…..

Kissing is one of the few firs steps during the act of lovemaking. To a woman, love making is a gradual process, it’s like trying to push a car up a cliff, any attempt to withdraw during the process means the car sliding back to the foot of the cliff. The same way it is for women, women gradually build up romantic emotions till it reaches the peak call orgasm, any breach or negative action can ruin all the effort and quench all her eagerness within a second. So whenever a couple is trying to build the momentum of intimacy, a bad kisser will always ruin the day, because is going to be a turn off, at the end of the day, the woman might end up pretending, and having sex just for the sake of the husband even when she’s boiling inside.

So, you can be sure that a woman who knows her onions in the act of kissing might never enjoy sex with a bad kisser, and because a sexually frustrated woman can never make a happy marriage, having a marriage full of turbulence like I earlier mentioned becomes inevitable. Even though, most immature men who haven’t learnt the act and beauty of taking it slow and steady during lovemaking want things to happen fast, to them and the matured ones, a bad kisser is also a turn off and a minus to the level of expected ecstasy.

Kissing is a delicate way to show deep expression of love, it’s a sign of vulnerability, a very important ingredient of a stable relationship and marriage, kissing is a sign of saying I give you my all, I have nothing else to hide, I’m not holding anything back. Apart from the fact that it shows deep affection, its one romantic act that can be expressed intimately and openly at the same time.

It is no doubt that kissing has taken the back stage in many homes especially in some part of the world where cultural, moral and religious views are ignorantly taken to the extreme. It’s a common notion that African men are particularly and naturally unromantic except he’s being compelled to, but it’s also a known fact that when he wants to be romantic, he’s good at it, and does his job very well. Another critical point is the ignorant nature of most women, not knowing what she want, clueless of how to express herself or ask for what she want, even when she knows it and the fear of being labeled “loose” is another reason for holding back the beautiful, nature behind the act of kissing.

A research shows that it is possible for men to ejaculate through kissing, women can also achieve orgasm through the act of kissing, the enzymes released during this act can also help to promote bonding between couples, kissing is a simple act that could help to bring back the spark in your marriage within minutes.

Whether the last time you kissed was when the pastor said you may kiss the bride on your wedding day, or you left the romantic act of kissing at the hotel where you had your honeymoon, it is never too late to start allover again.  Understanding of the fact that you are missing so much by not kissing and making effort to rekindle the loss passion for kissing will help your marriage.

Having understood how important kissing is, it will be necessary to join our workshop on kissing. It doesn’t matter whether you or/and your spouse are bad kissers, or you don’t even understand the tricks and styles of being a good kisser, whether you have never kissed before does not matter and your level of ignorance is immaterial, by the end of this workshop, you can say good bye to a boring sex life, and dry kissing skills and start kissing like a pro!

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  1. Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to the art and science of kissing. I certainly agree with you that kissing can actually make or mar a marriage.
    Interestingly, mastering the skills of all-body kissing up to French kiss and oral sex do often lead to mutual orgasm between sexually educated couples who are professional kissers and uninhibited in exploring all the erogenous zones with combined tongue and hand works.

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