Boogie Down


Victoria Island

Couples Dance Time-Out

From 7.00pm until 11.00pm

At At The Sun Heaven Hotel & Resort 191a Adeleke Crescent, off Kofo Abayomi,

Victoria Island


Intimates Solution Network / Dr Tolulope Oko-igaire

You love to dance, but you cant go clubbing, and this is causing a lot of friction or boredom in your marriage, why not join us on this special night and lets boogied down. Dancing helps couples to bond, the power of touch and intimacy achieved through dancing is capable of healing a dying marriage. What about the excitement, the feelings of being special and wanted at the same time. Dancing time out for couples, strictly no smoking VIP lounge with all the fun to make it a night to remember. Don't miss this for anything!
The daily hustling and bustling can take its toll on your relationship and marriage to the level that it becomes boring and unexciting. Unwinding and keeping it real once in a while will help bring back the spark, come lets boogie down.


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