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  1. I watched you recently on a program called The Big Issue on TVC News. Well done – you were brilliant – you spoke clearly with purpose, aptitude, delivered and landed your message with the audience. There was a clear distinction between you and your opponent who was clearly out of his depth and as a result felt the need to shout over you in an attempt to undermine you, but all that did was highlight is ineptitude.

    Keep up the good work I hope to see more of you in the right media forums in future – you are setting a very good example and helping to teach men and women what the solid foundation on which an everlasting, and more importantly, God ordained marriage should be built on.

  2. Anyanwu chiamaka

    I actually was inlove with a guy in a relationship whom I was hoping I was going to get married to but unfortunately he dumped me and got anoda woman whom he is about getting married to by april 2016, but I fill fro him cos I love him on tuesday I called he picked up is fone and answrd me and came to my house to pick me with his car, we went to his house to have sex. since then av been regeting y i did it. pls advice me on wat to do cos Iwant to get rid of him since he is getting married to anoda woman.

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