We cant keep calm at Intimate solution network at the mention of love stories like that of Banky w and Adesua. This is just awesome, emotional and highly respectable. The wedding party just became real.

How did they keep their relationship quiet?

How did they get here and yet we heard nothing?

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Triple twale for that, this is enough moral lesson to young folks out there. SILENCE IS GOLDEN!

Now that’s an amazing feat pulled by the duo. This is one love story currently trending on every media outlet and to think this has been going on since 2015…


Many congratulations Banky W and Adesua, you both look great together and deserve the very best.C-5MrkbWAAAEy9x

Like a friend said, ‘your wedding had better hold at the national stadium o, because everyone of us who bought a ticket to see the wedding party has to be present at the real wedding party.


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