I will like to talk about 5 attributes your friendship or relationships must have.

We all know that when two people are not sincere with themselves, the quality of friendship decreases frantically.

Here are my top 5:

1. Sincerity Vs Insincerity

The moment you are lying often about minor daily activities, your friend may become uncomfortable with you. Lying has become very common with people and this can be a turn off if you are not watchful.

2. Pretense vs Realness

For some people, living a fake lifestyle is a must. Why do you have to lie about staying on the Island when you stay at Mushin. As a young child, I had a neighbor who would always lie about where they had lived before moving into our neighborhood. She tried to create a fake representation of their worth but as we grew, the truth set in and I began to doubt most of her authenticity. You don’t want to be like that.

3. Sharing peoples secrets vs Respecting their secrets.

Are you the kind of friend that gossips about the latest thing happening with your friend with other friends of yours? Such attitude can end your friendship on time. Work around sealing your lips and gaining the trust and confidence of your friend.

4. Pride vs Humility

For some people, pride is their biggest issue. I used to have a friend in school who looked down on me because I didn’t dress as expensive as she does. The day she made a weird statement, her apology just couldn’t erase it because it came from her heart and she continued to act it in other ways. Pride can stop people from being close to you.

5. Selfishness vs Sharing

Caring is giving. It doesn’t have to be cash resources but you should be willing to give your time, resources, advise, support, encouragement and any other valuable asset you possess. If you ignore your friend when they need you most, they may place you below the level you expect.

Don’t forget that, for you to make friends, you need to speak the friendship language first.

To connect emotionally with your friends, you should speak their love language, respect them and show responsibility.

There are other wrong attributes you should avoid but I want you to tell me about it.

What are the attitudes you can’t stand in a friend?

Drop your comments below.

Nike Adedokun


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