Intimate Solution solves emotional and psychological problems that could result to lack of efficiency, social irrelevance or even suicide.Emotional problems and conflicts are natural occurrence, they are art of human existence that could lead to detrimental consequences if not well managed.

If you are confused about your relationship, or your marriage has become a battle ground and you feel like giving up or probably you can’t find reason to live again, i congratulate you for being here, because, right in this place, you will find reason to live and be happy again. Familiarize yourself with our website and tell us how we can walk with you to find your lost peace.

To be the pioneer in the area of professional clinical counseling thereby helping individuals to rediscover themselves towards achieving emotional and all around stability.

An emotionally unstable individual can never achieve the expected level of of efficiency, socially , economically or otherwise. Our objective is to help people of different ages, culture and languages be the best they can be irrespective of the challenges that life throws at them. We are basically centered around solving problems which include but are not limited to:

  • Helping Individuals through the journey of self discovery
  • Restoring Stability to dying marriages
  • Solving Sexual issues
  • Promoting family values
  • Reduction of the rate of divorce to zero level if possible
  • Establishing sustainable relationships that can lead to lasting marriages through our matchmaking service 
  • Promoting unity and emotional bonds between couples through our numerous services