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Two should be better than one and your relationship/marriage shouldn't make your life miserable, but because no one is handled a manual of how to make it work on the day of wedding, expecting your marriage to work without constant intervention of a professional counselor is asking for the impossible. Issues shouldn't lead to separation or divorce before you do the the right thing, and the right thing is to diagnose your relationship/marriage to make the best of it. Whatever the issue might be; emotional issues, overwhelming sadness, cheating, premature ejaculation, zero orgasm, poor sex life, communication issues etc. You can schedule an appointment with Dr. TOLU here, she has helped a lot of marriages at the brink of divorce and help so many to bring back the spark in their bedroom. Click here to schedule an online appointment or meet with Dr. Tolu one on one.....
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Institute Of Counseling Nigeria ICN


 Not everybody who calls themselves ‘counselor’ can provide professional counseling services all over the world. There is no regulatory body or association governing the practice of Counseling in Nigeria and many other countries. This has unfortunately led to anybody with or without formal training, calling and parading themselves as counselors. Good intentions are not enough in the counseling profession. One needs to be professionally trained and qualified to provide quality and safe counseling services. Equip yourself with the needed skills and knowledge, register with the first ever counseling institute in Africa and raise your head in the midst of counselors all over the world.

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Intimate Talk With Tolu TV & Radio Show

Intimate Talk With Tolu is currently being aired in 5 Television stations and 3 Radio stations across Africa by the first ever Sex Therapist  and Professional Clinical Counselor in Nigeria, Dr. Tolu Oko-Igaire. Rated one of the most popular talk show in Africa, and considering the conspiracy of silence on intimacy issues and the level of ignorance in this part of the world, the show which clinically deal with issues on Relationship, Marriage and Sex has helped thousands of people across Africa.
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Our Dating Site


Meeting the man/woman of your dreams shouldn't be so difficult and making the right choice in marriage shouldn't be a cumbersome task. Tired of going through the journey of life alone? Or do you need someone you can call your own and say good bye to the worries about how to meet Miss/Mr Right? Register with a well monitored, descent, focused and professionally built site where you can meet marriage -ready single. We guide and walk with you till the wedding bells ring.

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Subscribe to 'IS' Magazine

Intimate solution magazine simply known as IS was founded by Dr. Tolu Oko-Igaire and Intimate Solution Network, it is a quarterly magazine focused on relationship, sex and marriage. Magazines travel faster than anyone can imagined, it goes beyond where your advert capacity can reach, you might want to take advantage of IS magazine to take your business to the world. 

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Send Us a Love Errand

Have you heard of Intimate Errands? Still in the business of building homes and mending relationships: We have delivered just a cake, wine and card and the sender got a Range in return, We have delivered and made her to say yes to his proposal after 2 years of fruitless efforts, We have delivered to parents who couldn't control the tears of joy,We have delivered in remote villages and in big cities across Nigeria, We have made people shed tears of joy in America, Europe and allover the world. Intimate Errands is not a parcel delivery or courier service, we deliver to make people happy, the SURPRISE in our deliveries make the difference! If you want to show how much you care, you want to express deep appreciation, you want to make her say yes or you want him to propose, don't struggle any further, just talk to us! The impact of intimate errands is more than a million dollar gift.
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Hire Our Ushers & Arm Candies



We understand that there are times you want to go for certain events and you dont want to go alone, maybe you are single, your better half is not in town or you just want a professional to accompany you to your events, talk to us. Our arm candies are not escort, these are responsible individuals who have respect for boundaries and professionalism.

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Intimate Solution Foundation

Intimate Solution has four different foundations that cater for individuals in different capacities. We strive to make a difference in our world as much as we can, believing that every little effort we make has a greater impact on the larger society. At the end of the day its all about touching lives. The field of Counseling is a very new and young one in Nigeria, and we thrive as much as possible to create awareness and help people out of their situations to live a happier live by tending to their physical and emotional needs through our various programs.

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The Association For Counseling, Matchmaking And Psychotherapy Of Nigeria

The ACMPN provides high standards of practice, professional identity, and regulation for the Counselling, Matchmaking & Psychotherapy profession.Membership of ACMPN makes you a part of the professional group of the most qualified peers in Nigeria. Everyone acting or practicing as a counsellor, matchmaker, or psychotherapist in Nigeria is expected to be under the umbrella of ACMPN as certified by the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria. Anyone wishing to be clients to any practitioner have the right to request for their ACMPN Membership Certificate. ACMPN Certificate serves as a guide to the professionalism capacity of its members. Clients are also expected to look for the Logo in any website offering such services as stated.



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Intimate Imaging & Style Consultancy

Your inability to attract the right partner could be as a result of misrepresentation through your looks.  Here we give you a drastic style upgrade that will change the way you feel about yourself inside out and impact your relationship an marriage positively.

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Intimate Museum of Broken Relationships

Without proper leaving, there can never be proper cleaving. The museum of broken relationships is an emotional center where other people's stories inspires closures. If you are finding it difficult to let go, start afresh or rebuild your life, a visit to the museum will change your life for good.

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Intimate Spa & Wellness Center

Manicure, pedicure, massage, gym, dance studio and weight management. Intimate spa and wellness center is your home of perfect wholeness.

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